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  Step 5: Best Web Security to Get (01:16)

Best Web Security to Get
Watch my video to see why you need to get Web Security and which one is the best one to get.

This is the most important element to your website. One year, about 6 clients of mine got hacked by porn or some type of malware and a few got blacklisted and suspended by their host. One of them was a church. Nothing beats being woken up to on a Sunday morning with a voice on the other line that screamed “DESIGN GIRL! HELP! THERE ARE BOOBS ON MY FRONT PAGE! THE CONGREGATION IS GOING TO HAVE A FIELD DAY!”

Contrary to popular belief, the web host doesn’t provide the service of web security monitoring. They simply HOST your website. Just like me, I’m a mere DESIGNER. I don’t have the capabilities or brain power to even attempt to help you fix the hack. With the host, they are usually partnered up with a 3rd party security company. And it is a separate service.

Why Sucuri?
Enter in Sucuri. They have restored all of my client’s websites who were compromised. I now make it MANDATORY that if I start any website design, that the client MUST sign up with Sucuri. I simply cannot lose any more hair or my children will not recognize me.

Oh but the cost! $240 USD a year! I cannot afford this!

But I must warn you it is better to be proactive then reactive. Once your website has been hacked, especially with porn, you can be sure that the trust will have been lost. Especially if you are an e-commerce site where money is being exchanged.

Here is a simple analogy I tell my clients to justify the cost. Picture your website as your home. Your website’s contents are your belongings. And Sucuri is your home alarm monitoring service AND insurance company. They are responsible for protecting those belongings and restoring anything that gets robbed. When robbers (hackers) are targeting your house (website), the alarm service (Sucuri) will notify you of the attack and prevent them from coming in. And if you are in a position where you are compromised and don’t have web security, Sucuri will restore your content.

At the end of the day, consider it the cost of doing business.